Québec only Centre focused exclusively on applied research in IT, CRIM serves over 140 clients annually.

RAP project, Transcriptions of the House of Commons debates

3D perception of scenes modeled by detection, subjection and retroaction of the facial pose of a spectator

Accès-VD, Experimental service of video description broadcasting for DVD content

Advertisement detection

Alfresco record management module for Quebec businesses

Alfresco record management module for Quebec businesses

Analyzing log files of distributed systems

Assessment report development process and tests (Groupe Promutuel)

Audio-video fusion for speech recognition

AutoCarto, a tool for the automatic detection of hydrographic contours satellite images

Automate the detection of waterbodies from satellite imagery in order to reduce manual labor, lower costs and maintain up to date information more effectively.

Automatic extraction of hydrographic features from SPOT satellite images

Automating test consistency checking – in a collaboration with Siemens AG

Bayesian adaptation for speaker recognition

CANGEO, a Web service based on Landsat-8 imagery for the update of the national hydrographic vectors

Captioning live programming (Groupe TVA)

In Québec, 750 000 people suffer from a hearing disability. The system STDirect developed by CRIM allows for the closed-captioning of live television broadcasts at a low cost. It automatically adapts itself to current news and is easily extensible to different languages.

Complete overhaul of the Caisse d'économie solidaire Desjardins Web site

Complete overhaul of the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité au travail (IRSST) Web site

Efficient communication tools for unions and their members

Efficient communication tools for unions and their members

Emotion detection system

ERIC7, An image searching environment for compatible MPEG-7 content

Ethiopia Family Medecine Assessment Project

Ethiopia Family Medecine Assessment Project

Evaluation of a library for the automatic detection of tree crowns

EXOPC – Various design elements of ExoTablet and ExoDesk

Formal validation of role-based access control systems

Francommunautés, use of ICT for dispensing French language distance-learning in Canada

Governmental intranet, Direction générale des télécommunications (DGT)

Governmental intranet, Direction générale des télécommunications (DGT)

Interactive language learning system

Joint expertise development with Alfresco to assist small and medium organizations

Keyword detection bilingual system (Hydro-Québec)

Keyword detection in trader conversations on the energy transaction exchange floor

Le Solutionneur – Automatic generation of school timetables

Lesion segmentation in fluorescent images

Liveshout – Platform to receive real time feedback from the audience

Highly scalable, real time social solution.

Médiasphère application for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

MILLE, an infrastructure model of open source software in education

Module novateur pour le rétablissement de réseaux électriques dans le cas de pannes majeures

Pour le projet Intelligent Decision Support System for Storms en collaboration avec CGI.

Mosaic image generator from infrared and optical aerial imagery

Multi-resolution analysis of polarimetric radar images

NECSIS Project

Network on Engineering Complex Software Intensive Systems for Automotive Systems.

Participation at the technological evaluation TRECVID of NIST

Participation in TRECVID 2009 and TRECVID 2011 evaluations

Participation to ETAPE 2011 evaluation campaign

Participation to ETAPE 2011 evaluation campaign

Participation to NIST SRE 2006, 2008, 2010 campaigns

Partner in the E-Inclusion research network

Partner of project MONNET (Monitoring of Extended Premises)

Partner of project PTZ, Intelligent Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera for Security Applications

Partner of project S3I, intelligent industrial inspection station

Partner of project SIMIPE-Ciné

Partner of projects COBVIS-D and SPEED-Q, cephalo-ocular behaviour of automobile drivers

Partner of the C3Grid project

Partner of the E-Inclusion Network project

Partner of the MADIS project (MPEG-7 Audio-visual Document Indexation System)

Partner of the Megaphone project

POLLES, a platform of open source tools for higher learning

POLLES, a platform of open source tools for higher learning

Project C³GRID, closed-captioning using a computing grid (distributed computing)

Proof-of-concept of an event-correlating module for embedded systems

Proof–of-concept of a test adaptation tool

Property library for automated analysis of execution traces

Prototype for automatic closed-captioning of news broadcasts and public interest programs

Prototype tool for the detection of bugs in multithreaded Java programs

RAP Project, semantic processing and advanced search engine, House of Commons of Canada

Remote, real-time closed-captioning

Retsoft, an image analysis tool for the diagnosis of retinal diseases

SmartCaption, software for the automatic positioning of captions

Software for manipulating digitized microfilms

Summary: A system that automatically produces MPEG-7 descriptions was developed in the course of this project. This allows for indexing image banks according to their visual characteristics of color, form, texture, etc. Result: Functionalities were deve

Symofros software for the Canadian Space Agency

Synchronization of text/dialog for post-synchronization and dubbing

Synchronization of text/dialog for post-synchronization and dubbing

Term extractor prototype for conceptual navigation

Tools for capturing, analyzing and indexing video for assisting in the training of elite athletes

UMLS indexing prototype

UMLS indexing prototype

User-friendliness of Web sites

User-friendliness of Web sites

Virtual agri-food and agricultural office

Web application for Institut des communications graphiques du Québec

WebFIM – Automating property checking in Web applications

This internal research project aims at automating property checking in Web applications.

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  • Assemblée générale annuelle du CRIM

    Lors de son assemblée générale annuelle qui a eu lieu le 14 juin, le CRIM a annoncé la composition de son conseil d'administration, en plus de dévoiler son rapport d'activités et de présenter les grandes lignes de son nouveau plan stratégique.


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    The next Open Geospatial Consortium meetings will be held in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, from June 26-30th, 2017.
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