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  • ISDFS 2018
    25 March 2018 0:00
    Antalya, Turquie
    Advance Software Modeling and Development team of CRIM will present a paper at the Internation Symposium on Digital Forensic and Security (ISDF) in Antalya, Turkey
  • DataFranca https://t.co/BlfMdKy0Wz lance le chantier du 1er grand lexique français des sciences des données et de l… https://t.co/RA8ZVxC2dN
  • Matthieu Dugal RT @MatthieuDugal: La science des données en français: grand lancement au @CRIM_ca https://t.co/e1AI43E0HI

Recent Publications

  • Towards Automatic Feature Extraction for Activity Recognition from Wearable Sensors: A Deep Learning Approach

  • État des lieux des technologies web