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François Aird

Outgoing President
President, CEDROM-SNi

François Aird

François Aird has been a key player in the rapidly changing Canadian information technology industry. In 1984, he entered into a partnership with Philippe Gélinas to create a technology consulting company that became Proximi-T – and which was ultimately integrated into Cossette Communications in 2000.

In 1988, inspired by the development of graphical user interfaces and a new type of storage device – the CD-ROM – Mr. Aird founded CEDROM Technologies, merging several years later with Société Nationale d’Information (SNI) to become CEDROM-SNi. CEDROM-SNi has since acquired many companies in Canada and in France – a market that today represents an important part of its revenue.

In January 2000, Mr. Aird and his associates launched IXIASOFT, a new enterprise that was spun off based on the expertise in indexing documents for the Internet developed by CEDROM-SNi. IXIASOFT sells software tools for document management using XML standards.

Mr. Aird is President of the Board of Directors of CEDROM-SNi and IXIASOFT. He has also been President of the Board of Directors of AQT (Association Québécoise des Technologies).

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