Open Source platforms

Because of the formidable challenges that had to be overcome, CRIM has played a pioneering role in Quebec for having developed innovative solutions in creating the following Open Source platforms:

  • Collaborative platforms, enterprise portals and content management systems with OpenCMS.
  • Document and record management systems with Alfresco
  • E-learning platforms and digital portfolios.



Recent news

  • LUMED: Artificial Intelligence Serving Patients

    With our technology, patients whose files need to be reviewed in priority are automatically identified by an alert score...


Upcoming event

  • The Art of Leadership
    29 November 2017 7:45
    Palais des Congrès de Montréal
    The Art of Leadership conference. Let those who shape our world today, help shape yours tomorrow.

Recent Publications

  • PeopleBot

  • Face Recognition in Video Surveillance from a Single Reference Sample Through Domain Adaptation