SOFDESK, a shining example

SOFDESK, a shining example

Published October 17, 2017

“You only need to look at how the climate is behaving right now to know that turning towards renewable energy sources is non-negotiable. A company should fight for the causes that deserve its attention and inspire the community to get involved too. In any case, it’s when you do what you’re passionate about that you succeed,” explains Lennie Moreno, CEO of Sofdesk, Quebec leader in solar panel installation and roofing solutions.

Upon my arrival at Sofdesk on a rainy morning, I am met with a warm welcome. Lennie shows me around while recounting, with his charismatic smile and contagious energy, how the space has transformed since his company’s creation in 2013.

His 24-member team can enjoy various fun additions to their workplace: popcorn machine, foosball table, punching bag, indoor hockey and cold beer. The loft is also equipped with a retractable Murphy bed, where the founder spent his nights when Sofdesk first entered the business world…

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