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The Speech and Text team of CRIM offers research and support technology services in the area of signal processing and speech. Our technologies have a proven track record in the areas of real-time closed-captioning, multimedia indexing, voice biometrics and post-synchronization assistance.

Our expertise

Our team possesses a unique expertise in the area of signal processing and analysis. Our team has developed numerous ground-breaking algorithms that have been adopted worldwide.

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Gilles Boulianne
Gilles Boulianne
Director, Speech and Text Team

At CRIM since 1998, Gilles Boulianne is interested in transducer-based search techniques aimed at accelerating system operation and/or increasing the size of the vocabulary of the CRIM speech recognition system.

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For any information, please contact
Gilles Boulianne, Director.

514 840-1235, poste 5282

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  • Prix Innovation 2017 de l'ADRIQ - Période de mise en candidature
    8 September 2017 0:00
    Le CRIM est heureux d'être partenaire des Prix Innovation 2017 de l'ADRIQ et de contribuer ainsi au rayonnement et à la reconnaissance des innovations technologiques. Période de mise en candidature prolongée jusqu'au 8 septembre 2017.

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