Testing and interoperability Centre

The « neutral » reference of best testing practices in Québec.

The Testing and Interoperability Centre collaborates with developers, testers and integrators as well as with buyers and users of software. Its mandate is to play a leveraging role towards local organizations by providing them with the necessary tools for improving the quality of their software testing and development procedures and their systems as a whole.

Among the benefits to be reaped by joining forces with the Testing and Interoperability Centre are: enhanced product performance, cost reductions in development and deployment, reduction in delays and required resources for product deliveries.


In the context of a large open innovation project, CRIM's state-of-the-art expertise in virtualization, Web technologies and testing automation for embedded systems significantly speeded up our development cycle. CRIM also played a key role in this project by fostering constant communication between participants, identifying collaborative opportunities and hosting coordination committees.

Bombardier Transport

Our expertise

Our unique range of expertise, primarily geared towards advanced architectures and technologies for software testing and development, allows us to solve a broad spectrum of complex problems.

Functional testing

Validation and support of test strategy and methodology, test planning and case testing.

Network Diagnoses

Characterizing an application’s operation, its behavior under a given operating system or again to identify performance-inhibiting problems so these may be remedied with appropriate solutions.See all expertise

Software certifications

Discover our unique expertise in software certification development and enforcement.

Services for the Health sector

Ministère de la Santé et Services sociaux
CRIM is the exclusive certification entity of software applications for the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux du Québec (MSSS) for over 10 years now. Discover how we can help you meet the various needs and requirements of the health sector.

Major Achievements

The Testing and interoperability Centre allows companies to dramatically improve the quality of their products, minimize their risks and optimize their investments. Here are some of our accomplishments.

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We are happy to have the unwavering commitment of our partners who, year after year, allows us to maintain our leading edge, and yours!
  • MGA-QA
  • HP
  • Ideabytes

Our Clients

Serving local businesses, CRIM is proud to count among its clients a wide range of SMEs, as well as many large companies, departments, institutions and associations.

  • Analystik
  • Industrie Canada
  • Centre collégial des services regroupés
  • EmergenSys Solutions
  • Keal
  • Assurances Promutuel
  • Sony du Canada ltée
  • Stéris
  • Ministère du Revenu du Québec
  • Québec International
  • Siemens

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CRIM puts at your disposal a unique infrastructure: AgileLabs, a virtual and multi-user laboratory for application testing, verification, validation, pre-production, demonstration, evaluation and training. This service is remotely accessible through a Web portal designed to support sharing of information.

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