Modelling and software validation for Adacel

Context: Adacel is a multinational company from Australia specialising in the development of IT applications for air traffic control and airport management. The testing stages are crucial in Adacel's business environment, where security is a key issue, computer systems are complex and interrelated, and many government regulations must be respected. Simulation approaches are therefore numerous and complex. With some 20 tools and services in its portfolio, the company wanted to optimize its simulation and testing processes, particularly through automation. The new approach had to respect the above-mentioned constraints while offering a sophisticated detection tool that can manage a multitude of parameters and detect potential problems. 

ProjectCRIM used its expertise in modelling and model-based testing to help Adacel improve its simulation systems for air traffic control and airport management.
The provision of an expert from CRIM also enabled the company to successfully implement the automated tool in its simulation systems. CRIM's contribution was crucial in the implementation of a solution that enabled Adacel to bring the testing and validation time of its systems down from a few days to a few hours.


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