Québec only Centre focused exclusively on applied research in IT, CRIM serves over 140 clients annually.

ADNOTARE - Collection of tools for collaborative annotation

ADNOTARE: Collection of tools to build annotation platforms including VESTA and PACTE.

AI cyber attack detection tool

Northforge Innovations called on CRIM's data science and cybersecurity experts to assist it in developing a tool that can detect cyber attacks using a learning algorithm.

Analyse de la qualité de données sur le transport à Montréal… le CRIM, une référence en science de données au Québec!

L’expertise du CRIM a été mise à contribution par la Ville de Montréal en 2016-2017 dans le cadre du projet MTL Trajet. Le projet de comparaison des ensembles de données réalisé par le CRIM a fait appel aux expertises de ses chercheurs en science des données.

Blisly, a project connecting data science... and health!

The Blisly app, launched in 2016, aims to determine how the weather impacts an individual's health by offering an risk index based on a connection between meteorological variations and the amount of traffic in emergency rooms. CRIM's role in this project was the conception of various components that enable the app's operation.

Decision support system in case of network failure

Siama Systems called on CRIM's expertise in AI and data science to identify the best ways to design a decision support system that would optimize the work of their experts when faced with a network failure.

Évia - CRIM’s expertise tackles a real estate property assessment software

JLR, a company specialized in land title solutions, approached CRIM’s research team with the objective of optimizing their real estate property assessment software, Évia. This platform enables real estate agents or individuals to obtain a personalized report outlining the main features and market value of any property in Quebec, automatically and in a few minutes.

Geolocalized recommendation system

Cogalab, a software design and development studio based in Montreal, called on CRIM to provide expert advice on one of their projects under study.

Le Solutionneur – First automatic generator of school timetables for Quebec schools

Logiag – CRIM's expertise in data science in support of Ag Tech!

In 2018, CRIM's vision and imaging and data science experts worked with SMB Logiag to explore methods to improve the soil analysis tool developed by this Quebec-based company specializing in the application of technologies to the agricultural sector.

MediaSigma - Platform for Media Placement and Dynamic Advertising

Dialekta recently launched the MediaSigma product, which automates the purchase of ads based on factors such as weather, Nasdaq fluctuations, sports scores, and the intensity of web traffic.

PACTE - Collaborative electronic text annotation platform

PACTE is a collaborative annotation web platform for text content that integrates an array of practical tools for research groups.

PAVICS – Power Analytics and Visualization for Climate Science

A platform that harmonizes research in climatology in a phenomenal way. Operating on networked supercomputers, it will enable Canadian and international scientists to design and visualize customized climate change scenarios to study their impacts and adaptation opportunities.

Personalized product recommendations for clients of L'Oréal Canada

CRIM has realized a project whose objective was to offer L'Oréal Canada clients personalized product recommendations based on an advanced analysis of their spending patterns and client profile.

Predicting the impact of mining projects

DT Solutions sought CRIM's expertise in artificial intelligence and data science to provide advice on some of its products, including the design of a prediction tool for the economic and environmental impact of underground mining projects.

R&D mandate for a digital transition at Croesus

Croesus turned to CRIM for help in selecting the database management system (DBMS) that best suited their needs and in planning its implementation.

Recommendation system for online food delivery orders

UEAT creates and markets intelligent and innovative ordering solutions for restaurants. The company turned to CRIM for advice on the implementation of a recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence into their online ordering solutions

Satisfa mobile web solutions

Satisfa used CRIM’s expertise to develop its customer satisfaction survey tool.

Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal - CRIM's expertise at the service of Montreal firefighters!

CRIM has been working with the City of Montreal for several years now to help it improve its practices and many of its computer and technology systems. One of the mandates of the Emerging Technologies and Data Science team (TESD) in 2017 was the design of prediction tools for the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM).

Software transition towards a cloud-based application

Genius Solutions called on CRIM to prepare the transition of its manufacturing software from a monolithic app to a cloud-based solution.

Successful software transformation thanks to CRIM's expertise!

Cannforecast Software develops artificial intelligence solutions to optimize water management, including helping to predict pipe breakage or the concentration of E. coli bacteria in waters open to swimming.

The STORM project at CGI

The multinational CGI collaborated with CRIM to design the “Intelligent Decision Support System for Storms” module to optimize the recovery of electrical networks in the event of major breakdowns.

VESTA - Collaborative multimedia content annotation platform

VESTA is a timeline based annotation platform of multimedia content. It offers an integrated set of innovative computer tools for analyzing and annotating audio and video recordings. These tools allows to significantly accelerate, and in some cases, automate the analysis and annotation of your recordings.


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