About CRIM

CRIM is an applied research and expertise centre in information technology, dedicated to making organizations more effective and competitive through the development of innovative technology and the transfer of leading edge know-how, while contributing to scientific advancement.


With a solid presence in Québec since 1985, CRIM is a non-profit organization, one of the region’s only applied research centres and a source of great pride! Its renowned IT researchers and professionals possess unique expertise and are building a vast arsenal of applications in different sectors to fast-track knowledge transfers from research to business. CRIM’s independence and vast network make it a crucial resource. Organizations of all sizes benefit from CRIM’s services to boost profits, competitiveness and performance on the national and international scenes! 

CRIM holds ISO 9001:2015 certification. Its efforts comply with strategies and priorities of the ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation, its major financial partner.

Awards and distinctions

  • Prix OCTAS 2019 – Catégorie Ville et organisme parapublic
    Prix OCTAS 2019 – Catégorie Ville et organisme parapublic
    Projet : Optimisation des opérations au Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM) par l’application de modèles prédictifs en intelligence artificielle (IA)
  • Prix Innovation 2015 de l'ADRIQ – Partenariat Technologique
    Prix Innovation 2015 de l'ADRIQ – Partenariat Technologique
    Projet : Intelligent Decision Support System for Storms.
    En Collaboration avec CGI
  • 2012 ADRIQ Innovation awards – Open Innovation
    2012 ADRIQ Innovation awards – Open Innovation
    Project: Train du futur with Bombardier Transport, Technology Evaluation Centers, Amesys, Silicomp Canada
  • 2015 MÉRITIC awards – Honoris Causa
    2015 MÉRITIC awards – Honoris Causa
    Jacques Ouellet, Executive Vice-President, Innovation and Commercialization, CRIM

Our Members

CRIM’s members are an important network of IT enterprises, organizations, institutions and associations operating in various sectors.

CRIM partners

  • The Quebec Technology Association (AQT)
  • Prompt
  • AQIII - Association québécoise des informaticiennes et informaticiens indépendants
  • Défi Montréal
  • QuébecInnove

Become member of CRIM

When you become a CRIM member, you reap the benefits of Québec’s most extensive network of IT firms. You also gain privileged access to our research and development expertise. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

514 840-7993

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Recent Publications

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  • The Indigenous Languages Technology Project at NRC Canada: an empowerment-oriented approach to developing language software