About CRIM

AI cyber attack detection tool

Northforge Innovations is a consulting and expert software development company focused on improving the security, speed and intelligence of datapacket networks. 
The company called on CRIM's data science and cybersecurity experts to assist them in developing a tool that can detect distributed cyber attacks at the data network level, identify the source of the intrusion and track the events leading to the attack, all using a learning algorithm based on artificial intelligence. 
CRIM experts shared their knowledge of the current state of the art in the field of cybersecurity-applied AI and reviewed several existing algorithms that Northforge could use or modify to effectively achieve their objective.
This project was made possible through support by the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program


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  • DevOps - En rappel à Québec - Événement Les Affaires
    26 February 2020 8:30
    Hôtel Le Concorde Québec
    Le CRIM fier partenaire de la 2e édition de la conférence DevOps - En rappel à Québec, organisée par les Événement Les Affaires, qui se tiendra les 26 et 27 février 2020 | Hôtel le Concorde, Québec
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