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RISQ Network - The birth of the Internet in Quebec

In 1989, the main universities in Quebec and the Computer Research Institute of Montréal (CRIM) start to collaborate to create the first independent network aimed at teaching and research, the Réseau interordinateurs scientifique québécois (RISQ). 

At its creation, the RISQ (Scientific Intercomputer Network of Quebec) was a network that aimed to enable the sharing of information and to connect research organizations in the province. This network connecting major universities and research centers in Quebec was the first inter-organization network to use Internet technologies to share information quickly among scientists and researchers from all around the province.

In 1998, the RISQ became an independent organization now renamed Réseau d’informations scientifiques du Québec (Scientific Information Network of Quebec). Thus, the RISQ played a key role in the birth of Internet in Quebec. It was a core actor in the emergence of the first commercial internet providers and for the appropriation of Internet technologies in Quebec.

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Nancy Rancourt, director of member services and operations at RISQ, tells its story, from its creation and development within CRIM to its growth as an independent organization.

Presented during the Journée Techno du CRIM - Célébrons 30 ans de recherche appliquée et d'innovation - November 23, 2015

Interview [video in French - duration 4:38]

Presentation [video in French - duration 14:41]



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