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The ATREF project (Application of robotic technologies on forestry equipment) was launched by CRIM in the 1990's. This project was a collaboration between university partners and private companies, led by CRIM. Its conclusion was the elaboration of a simulator for operating heavy forestry machinery. 

This first software enabled students to learn and practice how to operate a single-grip harvester, with no risks or monetary losses in case of mistake. SIMLOG, the second independent company derived from CRIM's applied research to commercialize this simulator, has been working in building simulators for heavy machinery in four industrial fields all around the planet. 

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SIMLOG president Paul Freedman tells the story of the foundation of his company that specializes in creating products that help train equipment operators in industrial sectors such as forestry, mining, construction and handling.

Presented during the Journée Techno du CRIM  - Célébrons 30 ans de recherche appliquée et d'innovation - November 23, 2015

Presentation [video in French - duration 11:10]


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