About CRIM

Speech recognition

Speech recognition appeals to a wide range of skills for enabling a computer to interpret the human voice and to correctly react to it. The problems to be solved range from the most basic ones, such as detecting human voice activity, to more challenging issues such as producing live closed-captioning of television broadcasts or determining the topic of a telephone conversation.

Related technologies: Keyword detection, audio content indexing, closed-captioning, text/audio alignment, recognition engine, pronunciation verification, finite-state transducers

Our results in international evaluation campaigns such as ETAPE 2011 have established our position among the best research teams of our discipline. We actively pursue our research while keeping abreast with the latest developments of our scientific community, a keen example being our participation in the KALDI group that brings together  leading researchers of our field.





Upcoming event

  • FM 2018
    17 July 2018 8:00
    Oxford, Royaume-Uni
    CRIM will be participate at the 22nd International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM 2018). July 15th to 17th 2018 in Oxford, UK.
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Recent Publications

  • Towards Automatic Feature Extraction for Activity Recognition from Wearable Sensors: A Deep Learning Approach

  • État des lieux des technologies web