About CRIM

El Hachemi Alikacem, M.Sc.

Software Modeling and Development Specialist

El Hachemi Alikacem
Team: Advanced Software Modeling and Development

T 514 840-1235, ext. 6389
@ el-hachemi.alikacem@crim.ca

(M.Sc., Université Laval, 1999, DEA, Université Paris VI, 1992 and  M.Sc., Eng., Institut national de formation en informatique, Algeria, 1989)

El-Hachemi has been at CRIM since January 1999. His areas of interest include: form recognition, object-oriented languages, software engineering, static analysis of code and the application of artificial intelligence techniques in software engineering. He has a Master in Computer Science from Université Laval (1999), a DEA in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition from Université Paris VI (1992) and it is an engineer in Computer Science from the Institut National de Formation en Informatique, Algeria (1989).

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Recent Publications

  • On The Performance of Time-Pooling Strategies for End-to-End Spoken Language Identification

  • An ensemble Based Approach for Generalized Detection of Spoofing Attacks to Automatic Speaker Recognizers