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Philippe Collard, M.Sc.

Product Manager - Research Platforms

Philippe Collard
Team: Emerging Technologies and Data Science

T 514 840-1235, ext. 8854
@ philippe.collard@crim.ca

(M.Sc. electrical engineering, Institut Supérieur Industriel Liégeois, Belgium, 1992)

Philippe Collard joined the Emerging Technologies and Data Science Team in 2013. He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Institut Supérieur Liégeois (Belgium).

His career path has led him to work successfully as a web developer for over ten years. He is particularly interested in the applications of technology on interactive media and in Agile project management. 

These passions have enabled him to lead large scale CRIM projects such as Scrum and Kanban.



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Recent Publications

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