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Samuel Foucher, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher in Remote Sensing

Samuel Foucher
Team: Vision and Imaging

T 514 840-1235, poste 5481
@ samuel.foucher@crim.ca

Ph. D. en télédétection, Université de Sherbrooke et Université de Rennes 1, 2001

Samuel Foucher joined CRIM in 2002 to make a scientific contribution to the team's projects, particularly those involving facial recognition, video processing, multimodality and satellite imagery. He has a degree in telecommunications engineering and a Ph.D. in remote sensing from University of Sherbrooke. His areas of expertise cover image processing, satellite imagery, multi-resolution techniques, data fusion and the application of deep learning to remote sensing. He is a principal investigator on large-scale projects involving the development of web platforms for the application of machine learning techniques to climate and earth observation data.


Portrait d'expert du CRIM : Découvrez Samuel Foucher  (In French - 4:16)

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