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Samuel Foucher, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher and Team Director

Samuel Foucher
Team: Vision and Imaging

T 514 840-1235, poste 5481
@ samuel.foucher@crim.ca

Ph. D. en télédétection, Université de Sherbrooke et Université de Rennes 1, 2001)

Samuel Foucher joined CRIM in 2002 to lend his scientific expertise to team projects. Since 2013, he holds the position of Director of the Vision and imaging team.

Samuel Foucher has an engineering degree with a major in telecommunications and a Ph.D. in radar imaging from CARTEL. He has acquired expertise in image processing, multiresolution encoding techniques (wavelets), data fusion, belief theory and Markovian techniques.From 1999 to 2002, as research scientist for the India Meteorology Department, Samuel Foucher contributed to an industrial project (for the SEPIA company) based on image mining from the Insat-2E satellite.

Portrait d'expert du CRIM : Découvrez Samuel Foucher  (In French - 4:16)

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