Doing business with CRIM

Adaptation of architecture and emerging technologies

CRIM is a centre of applied research that specializes in the adaptation of architectures and emerging technologies. By virtue of our sustained technological watch activities, our teams are constantly evaluating the latest products, trends, technologies and standards. This makes it possible to supply a unique service of support and assistance to our customers and partners in order to extend, adapt and improve their products and technologies thus allowing them to maintain their competitive advantage.

On the one hand, CRIM’s research teams are constantly attuned to the latest developments in their respective areas, whether these pertain to scientific breakthroughs (algorithmic, novel and promising approaches) or to the evolution of system architectures and computational efficiency (hardware acceleration, distributed and scalable processing).

On the other hand, CRIM’s research agents and advisors possess a vast experience with applications and commercial technologies by virtue of hundreds of forefront implications with a highly diversified group of customers, ranging from small to large enterprises, and coming from a wide variety of sectors, be it private, university or associative. CRIM has also adopted a proactive approach towards freeware through concrete contributions to its projects, numerous deployments and opportune experimentation within research projects.

These complementary skills allow CRIM to offer a large inventory of interventions that rely on established principles and methods, including:

  • Feasibility studies, on different levels :
    • Functional
    • Portability and interoperability
    • Performance
    • Upgrade of sub-systems
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototype building
  • Benchmarking
  • Rearchitecture and technological migration