Doing business with CRIM

Development of innovative technologies

CRIM is a centre of applied research that specializes in architecture adaptation and emerging technologies. Moreover, our research teams have garnered several prizes for their innovative breakthroughs on both the national and international stages.  We master a unique range of cutting edge expertise that allows us to develop structuring technologies for our clients and partners that contribute to the enhancement of their technological performances while benefiting them financially.

CRIM is uniquely positioned between the worlds of university research and industry. Our status of neutral NPO facilitates our access to the latest advances of both the university and industrial sectors.  In addition, our understanding of enterprise-based environments, their modes of operation and challenges allows us to develop technologies that are truly in line with the needs of industry.

With close to 120 enterprise-oriented projects brought to fruition annually, we can attest to the fact that it is easy to collaborate with CRIM for developing innovative technologies. We possess multiple intellectual property agreement approaches, agile and rapid, and our expertise in the area of technological staging and financing of projects will generally allow you to gain quicker access to the technology that you require and, moreover, at an affordable cost.


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