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Multi-partnership projects in collaborative mode

Over the course of the last several years, CRIM has been at the forefront of numerous multidisciplinary projects that have been brought to fruition through a complementary integration of its expertise with that of their Québec-based IT ecosystem partners.

CRIM involves itself in several phases of a project including its setup, avenues of financing and realization. Open and collaborative innovations are at the heart of CRIM’s practices. In addition, we assist organizations, who so desire, to appropriate this method of operation.


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  • La Ville de Montréal lauréate d’un OCTAS 2019 pour un projet réalisé avec le CRIM

    Lors de la Grande soirée des OCTAS qui s'est tenue le 5 juin dernier, la Ville de Montréal a remporté l’OCTAS dans la catégorie Ville et organisme parapublic pour un projet réalisé en collaboration avec le CRIM.