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Technology support

CRIM offers support for the appropriation of technologies and the adoption of good practices, for the development and exploitation of new technologies.  These skills enhance the proficiency of enterprises and their scope of autonomy. They can thus reduce their dependency and limit their external requirements of expertise to the most complex and demanding situations.

Support thus aims to foster the development and enhancement of performances of enterprises so their interests are well served. This approach is to be contrasted with turnkey development, since it is essentially geared towards the transfer of knowledge and know-how.

CRIM’s interventions in support mandates are tailor-made in regards to the customer’s specific needs. Customized planning can thus include elements of analysis for the specific task, coaching and the design of an architecture technology, a prototype and of a partial implementation.

In conjunction with the complementary services on the levels of processes and tests, our support services allow the innovative enterprise to quickly and efficiently enhance its skills, methodologies and technologies so it can stand out on the world stage.

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Recent news

  • La Ville de Montréal lauréate d’un OCTAS 2019 pour un projet réalisé avec le CRIM

    Lors de la Grande soirée des OCTAS qui s'est tenue le 5 juin dernier, la Ville de Montréal a remporté l’OCTAS dans la catégorie Ville et organisme parapublic pour un projet réalisé en collaboration avec le CRIM.