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CRIM’s mission is to develop and transfer emerging technologies and cutting edge know-how to accelerate their appropriation by Québec enterprises and organizations to enhance their productivity and competitiveness, both locally and abroad.

During the course of its mandates, CRIM maintains a continuous watch on the latest scientific and technological advances and relays this information to organizations currently implicated in the activities of support or transfer so they may benefit from a first hand account of any new developments during the course of a project.

The Computer Research Centre of Montréal produces close to 30 publications and technological watches yearly, in addition to multiple contributions relating to several specialized Web portals, social media and the some 25 conferences and events attended by our personnel.



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Recent news

  • La Ville de Montréal lauréate d’un OCTAS 2019 pour un projet réalisé avec le CRIM

    Lors de la Grande soirée des OCTAS qui s'est tenue le 5 juin dernier, la Ville de Montréal a remporté l’OCTAS dans la catégorie Ville et organisme parapublic pour un projet réalisé en collaboration avec le CRIM.