Tests of parallel and distributed systems

In order to meet the requirements to produce more complex distributed systems, it has become indispensable for system designers to rely on automated development procedures. The test-related activities in developing such systems represent up to 70% of the total production costs. As a result, Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, that support Model-Driven Engineering, have become an important means in the development process. Research in this field has led to the development of numerous integrated environments supporting various language specifications and model checkers, in addition to test generation tools that provide for a significant automation of the testing process. As a result, the efficiency of Model-Driven Engineering has already been demonstrated on numerous case studies, and is now being adopted by various industries. Contributing to this progress, the team continues its research by developing rigorous and efficient test methodologies and prototype tools for model-based testing.



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  • Biais de l'IA - Un expert du CRIM cité dans L'Actualité

    Pierre André Ménard, chercheur au CRIM, a participé un article de L'Actualité portant sur les biais potentiels de l'intelligence artificielle.


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  • Génie 4.0: prenez le virage vous aussi
    26 February 2019 0:00
    Usine C (Montréal)
    Le CRIM, partenaire de cet événement, sera présent le 26 février 2019 à Montréal pour la Journée-conférence organisée par Genium 360, en collaboration avec CRIM, CRIQ, CEFRIO, MQQ, Deloitte.

Recent Publications

  • Object Counting on Low Quality Images: A Case Study of Near Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

  • Object Counting on Low Quality Images: A Case Study of Near Real-Time Traffic Monitoring