Industrial Researcher – Machine Learning

Application type : Regular position - Full time

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Desired start date:

> As soon as possible

Position summary

CRIM is looking to recruit an industrial researcher in machine learning who is passionate about practical applications related to their field of expertise. They will be called upon to develop an applied research program in line with the known and anticipated needs of companies. The industrial researcher likes to work with entrepreneurs, is interested in carrying out projects and wants to play a leadership role. They make an important contribution to the development of the skills of junior and intermediate staff and to CRIM’s scientific orientations. The ideal candidate has strong practical skills in machine learning, enjoys implementing complex and original solutions, has experience with several types of data, and has mastered the theoretical foundations of machine learning.

Description of the main functions

In general, the researcher will be called on to:

  • Conduct applied research and monitoring activities in their area of specialization.
  • Participate in the realization of several projects exploiting machine learning and especially deep learning.
  • Advise companies on best practices for the implementation of concrete solutions and transfer the necessary knowledge to accelerate their data mining and AI initiatives in general.
  • Organize development and knowledge sharing workshops in-house at CRIM.
  • Participate in scientific publications and transfer research results by participating in conferences, symposiums, seminars, courses and workshops.
  • Participate in CRIM’s scientific and technical outreach by organizing activities or by sharing relevant advances with the community through various dissemination channels.

Sought qualifications

  • Postgraduate degree (Ph.D.) in computer science, mathematics or statistics with a specialization in machine learning
  • Minimum of three (3) years of relevant experience in industry or five (5) years of academic research in close collaboration with industry
  • Practical experience and theoretical knowledge in machine learning including deep learning: cost functions, gradient, optimization, convergence, activation functions, regularization, architectures, etc.
  • Experience with different types of data (digital, text, audio, image, earth observation data, etc.)
  • Experience in writing, popularizing, and disseminating scientific content aimed at diverse audiences
  • Ability and motivation to understand user/field expert needs and extract technical requirements, develop a work plan, and lead a team in the realization of solutions
  • Fluency in spoken and written French and English

The following knowledge constitutes an asset

  • Experience in writing funding applications (grants, industrial research contracts or others).
  • Some recent publications in machine learning and its applications
  • Experience and interest in anomaly detection, time series, fact checking, synthetic data, and generative models
  • Experience in reinforcement learning
  • Experience with GPU operations and model deployment
  • Knowledge of MLOps and data engineering
  • Contribution to open source projects

Qualities sought

To be discussed


CRIM is an equitable employer and diversity is important to us. We value the development of ideas as a team and cultivate an open work environment that respects differences. We encourage all candidates to apply for this position, but only those selected will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in CRIM!


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