8D Technologies Reinvents the Urban Landscape

8D Technologies Reinvents the Urban Landscape

Published November 15, 2017

“To succeed, you have to know how to deal with whatever is thrown at you. If you react well, with a glass-half-full attitude, you’ll always see the opportunity in front of you. I understand this even more today, with being more focussed on strategic efforts and less on operations. Outlook and philosophy make all the difference.”

Isabelle Bettez, Co-founder, 8D Technologies

Founded in Montreal in 1996, 8D Technologies (8D) develops and implements solutions that combine software and hardware for intelligent transportation in various urban mobility sectors, including parking and bike sharing. With more than 4,000 energy-efficient terminals deployed on four continents and tens of thousands of bikes, the company enables its millions of users to pay for these services in various ways.

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