CANARIE invests in CRIM's research software!

CANARIE invests in CRIM's research software!

Published October 18, 2018

CANARIE, a vital component of Canada’s digital infrastructure supporting research, education and innovation, today announced 20 successful recipients of its Research Software funding call, announced in late 2017. This funding will enable research teams in applied sciences and the humanities to adapt their existing research platforms for re-use by other research teams, including those working in different disciplines. As a result, new research teams from across Canada will be able to re-use previously funded and developed software to accelerate discovery.

CRIM is pleased that its project has been selected, which will allow the VESTA platform to be further developed and integrated into the ELAN application, which is dedicated to research in the social sciences and humanities.

  • VESTA integrated with ELAN – Led by Gilles Boulianne, Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM)
  • An online, timeline-based collaborative platform for annotating audio and video content used in education.

    Software Evolution: ELAN is a desktop application for creating complex annotations on video and audio in humanities and social sciences. This project integrates ELAN and VESTA so that users of both systems in a variety of disciplines can access data and annotations that have been stored locally by ELAN users, through the VESTA web interface.

  • In addition, CRIM experts will contribute to two other projects selected by CANARIE and based around the PAVICS geospatial platform.

  • Power Analytics for Visualization of Climate Science (PAVICS) Project 1 - Led by Dr. Yacine Bouroubi, Université de Sherbrooke

  • A platform with a set of individual climate analysis processes that can be linked to form complex workflows.

    Software Evolution: PAVICS Project 1 will evolve PAVICS to the GeoImageNet platform. GeoImageNet will include annotation tools for very high resolution satellite images, and deep learning support for object detection and land use/cover mapping.

  • As part of this project, CRIM will contribute its expertise in deep learning applied to satellite images and the development of geospatial platforms. CRIM will take part in the project for the aspects related to the implementation of the web platform, the installation of the test bench and the satellite image processing pipelines.

  • Power Analytics for Visualization of Climate Science (PAVICS) Project 2 – led by Dr. Richard Arsenault, École de technologie supérieure

  • A platform for scientists from disciplines that increasingly require weather and climate data to conduct their research.

    Software Evolution: PAVICS will be enhanced to support hydrological research through the addition of tools for watershed analysis and hydrological modelling and simulation.

  • As part of this project, CRIM will contribute its expertise in software engineering, cloud computing, geospatial and research platforms. CRIM will take part in the project for the implementation of advanced hydrographic services, the execution of tasks on Calcul Canada infrastructures, the integration of services into notebook environments, as well as the support and maintenance of the PAVICS research platform.

  • All the tools developed by CRIM can be found on CANARIE's Research Software Portal at

  • CANARIE Press release:
    CANARIE Awards $4.4M to 20 Research Teams to Develop Advanced Software


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