Classo - CRIM Experts Contribute to the Development of Educational Solutions

Classo - CRIM Experts Contribute to the Development of Educational Solutions

Published September 3, 2019

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Classo - CRIM Experts Contribute to the Development of Educational Solutions


Montréal, September 4, 2019 – Classo partnered with the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize the functionality of its web application, in order to offer an efficient and user-friendly platform at the cutting edge of the latest technology, a version of which is already available online.

CRIM's experts in data technology provided Classo with an in-depth analysis of the most promising options for integrating AI technology into the Classo platform. "The collaboration permitted us to better understand the different technologies available, get relevant recommendations, and define a realistic roadmap. CRIM's contribution helped us better plan for our next stages of development," notes Isabelle Gregoire, Classo's president and founder.

Classo has already implemented some of CRIM's recommendations, such as enhancements to the search engine's performance to better take into account the diversity and complexity of the various constraints. For CRIM, this collaboration with Classo is but one of a series of projects that focus on technology in the realm of education, notably the Le Solutionneur, which automatically generates school schedules.

"Education is undergoing a digital transformation. Teachers, schools, and school boards are increasingly using technological tools and online pedagogical resources," says Isabelle Gregoire. "Classo's vision has always been to help teachers find quality educational resources and digital tools that best fit their needs, all while providing them with the relevant and objective information they need to make informed decisions."

Classo has developed an advanced search function that takes into account all the different elements of teaching (grade, type of device, competency, etc.), so that users can easily discover pedagogical resources and digital tools adapted to their specific needs. By leveraging data, Classo provides school administrators with solutions that facilitate the decision-making process with regards to the procurement and deployment of digital technology.


About CRIM

CRIM is an applied research and expertise centre in information technology, dedicated to making organizations more effective and competitive through the development of innovative technology and the transfer of leading edge know-how, while contributing to scientific advancement.

It helps organizations, primarily SMBs, demystify and gain access to leading-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, to efficiently address the technological challenges they face. Its IT researchers and professionals develop a wide array of applications in diverse areas and work in such fields of expertise as machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, automatic natural language processing, data science and operational research.

CRIM is a non-profit organization whose neutrality and strong network make it an indispensable resource. Its work is in line with the policies and strategies of its major financial partner, the ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation.

About Classo

Founded in November 2017, Classo is a social impact business whose mission is to offer innovative solutions to professionals in the educational sphere in order to promote a wiser use of digital technologies. Among the solutions offered by Classo is a web application where teachers and educators have easy access to quality digital educational resources that fit their needs. Classo also leverages data and employs business intelligence to offer school principals and school board administrators tools that simplify the procurement and deployment of digital resources.

The collaboration between Classo and the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) is supported by the Minister of the Economy and Innovation's Programme Innovation (MEI).

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Information and media contact :

Antonia Leney-Granger, agente de communications
CRIM – Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal | | Tél. : 514 840-1234

Isabelle Grégoire, présidente
Classo | | Tél. : 514 573-7600


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