ICONS 2018

ICONS 2018
April 22, 2018 8:00
Athènes, Grèce

April 22, 2018 to April 26, 2018 - Athens, Greece

Fehmi Jaafar, Ph.D., researcher in cybersecurity at CRIM, will present  the paper "Experimental Analysis of Behavior of Crypto Ransomware" at the 13th International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2018). He will also be part of the panel on Networking and Systems, Monday, April 23, 15:45.

Crypto-ransomware is a family of one of the commonly seen malware that exploits software vulnerabilities of Internet accessible servers, end-user computers, and mobile devices. In this paper, the behavior of the crypto-ransomware is experimentally analyzed. Dynamic analysis of the ransomware was performed in a virtual environment using data flow modeling approach. Modification of registry values and system call functions by the malware were within the scope of the analysis. The outcome of the experimental study provides a number of indicators which can be considered when assessing the effectiveness of solutions designed to prevent and detect crypto-ransomware.


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