Why choose CRIM?

We offer:

A quality environment: a loft-style, spacious working space, with a bright and well-spaced interior design, a large bistro, pool table, a rooftop terrace, a gym alongside lockers and showers, a vast free parking area and a secured interior parking space for bicycles.

Main working location: 405 Ogilvy Avenue, Montréal.
Nearby Metro, commuter train and BIXI bike station.

A highly stimulating, collaborative and friendly atmosphere. Monthly visits by a Massotherapist and vaious social activities all year round.

A flexible working schedule of 35 hours per week with allowance for occasional telecommuting and a summer schedule affording the possibility of completing work at 12:00 pm on Friday.

A diversified range of social advantages: a complete insurance coverage including dental health care, medical prescriptions, paramedical services, short and long term disability salary insurance with a comprehensive health plan, an employee assistance program, a group RRSP plan including an employer participation of 5% on the basis salary. Special holidays, three weeks of vacation following one year of service and four after three years of service. In addition, we are closed between Christmas and the New Year.

Human resources 

In carrying out its mission, CRIM demonstrates respect for its staff and its collaborators, members, partners and clients.

  • CRIM believes that its staff is its most valuable resource 
  • CRIM recognizes its staff’s competence and collective contributions
  • CRIM promotes the knowledge, aptitudes, ideas and achievements of each staff member 
  • CRIM encourages professional development and resourcing
  • CRIM fosters an atmosphere of inter-employee collaboration
  • CRIM places its trust in its staff and its collaborators and assigns them specific responsibilities
  • CRIM subscribes to a policy of employment equity


CRIM fosters open and direct communications.

  • CRIM welcomes its employees’ and collaborators’ ideas and suggestions (interns, students, professors and guest researchers) 
  • CRIM encourages information exchanges and the free circulation of information required to carry out various tasks
  • CRIM fosters its staff’s understanding of all aspects of their work and their contribution to the achievement of the organization’s objectives

Work environment

CRIM provides its staff and collaborators with a high-quality work environment: extensive work space (well ventilated and well lit), large eating area, pool table, rooftop terrace, gym with change rooms and showers, secure indoor parking for bicycles, weekly massage therapist and a variety of social activities year-round.

  • CRIM regards its members and clients as key partners and treats them as such
  • CRIM ensures the physical and psychological well-being of its employees and collaborators
  • CRIM favours a participatory management style
  • CRIM encourages creativity
  • CRIM fosters teamwork


CRIM subscribes to a policy of excellence and adopts continuous improvement practices.

  • CRIM favours a results-oriented approach
  • Working within its means, CRIM provides its staff with the tools they need to carry out their tasks
  • CRIM aims for optimal management of all resources


CRIM’s management undertakes to respect and enforce the management philosophy.

  • CRIM’s management undertakes to incorporate this philosophy in all of its decisions and relations with CRIM’s staff, collaborators, members, partners and clients
  • CRIM’s management undertakes to put in place a mechanism supporting the implementation and application of the management philosophy
  • All employees and collaborators undertake to adhere to the management philosophy and to promote it actively
  • CRIM’s management undertakes to incorporate this philosophy in its work and in its relations with CRIM’s staff and collaborators, as well as with CRIM’s members, partners and clients

Upcoming event

  • Gala des Prix Innovation 2020 de l'ADRIQ
    19 November 2020 0:00
    Palais des Congrès de Montréal
    Le Gala Prix Innovation 2020 de l'ADRIQ aura lieu le 19 novembre 2020, au Palais des congrès de Montréal.
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