The chatbot: the survey’s best friend?

The chatbot market is exploding. Three years ago, there were as many as 300,000 chatbots on Facebook. Comm100, a Canadian provider of customer service and communication products, reveals that its chatbots are handling over 25,513 conversations monthly. Their customers come from a variety of sectors: banking, education, health and consumer products. According to Gartner, a chatbot […]

Jakarto keeps a tally of fire hydrants in your city

The Puzzle of Street Furniture Inventory Park benches have a reasonable life span of 20-25 years depending on events, weather, floods, vandalism, etc. Inventory updates can become a baffling problem because of the wide definition behind street furniture, as wide as a city map! According to the City of Ottawa, street furniture is a collective term used to describe functional elements installed in the public right-of-way for the […]

Effigis and CRIM Working Together to Save our Soil

Nitrogen fertilizer: The Farmer’s Worst Enemy Since the 80’s, farmers have been making intensive use of nitrogen fertilizer, which has a negative effect both on the environment and human health. According to the UN Environment Program 2020 Study, nitrogen is both “too heavily used in some places – leading to environmental disasters – and poorly distributed in others – leaving the […]

The evolution of planet Earth is everyone’s business

CRIM helps standardize the sharing of Earth data to make it accessible to all. There are thousands of Earth observation data sources. Through expert analysis, we can help anticipate or even prevent natural disasters such as floods and forest fires. However, the state of the data (scattered, disorganized) is such that environmental forecasting becomes challenging. […]