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Data science is an interdisciplinary field that covers several areas of artificial intelligence. It is at the heart of any technological innovation and value-added project to ensure the sustainability of organizations.

CRIM experts use their knowledge and know-how to answer your questions and carry out projects based on data processing.

Data integrity and compliance

Organizational transformation and innovation initiatives can only happen with quality data. Data is no longer the mere result of business processes but an asset. Business people are taking more responsibility for their data, making a more intensive use of them and in contexts that are not necessarily the one initially intended. Data is collected from a variety of sources and is cross-referenced to generate value. Therefore, data governance is essential to preserve data integrity and compliance.

CRIM’s expertise in the area of compliance and data integrity is structured around the following aspects:

  • Regulatory compliance, whether it is the laws of Quebec, i.e., the Private Sector Personal Information Protection Act (PPRPSP), of Canada, i.e., the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), or international standards, for example, the general regulation on the protection of data (RGPD),
  • The overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the data.
  • Data security, i.e. protection against external attacks. The motivation for this new cross-cutting expertise comes from the evolution of the status of data: it is now at the heart of a large number of decisions and organizational transformations (analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, automation, etc.).

This expertise is materialized through concrete achievements and applications, for example:

  • Voice biometrics
  • The detection of “deepfake” or hypercheating
  • Analysis of user behavior and applications
  • Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things and in the detection of malicious software
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