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Technological and
scientific support
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Medium to long term

Making AI work for you

Many companies want to integrate artificial intelligence or data science into their business solutions. As a partner in this endeavour, CRIM stands out by its ability to make these technologies useable and efficient in a real-life industrial context.

Our business vision is based on:

  • Collaborative work
  • An agile approach where the client is a stakeholder in the project, every step of the way.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Concrete, high value-added solutions

CRIM and major technological trends

Always at the heart of major technological trends, CRIM can intervene on issues related to:

Cloud computin
Edge computing
Robotics - Drones
Internet of Things
Industry 4.0
Big Data
DevOps – AI/ML Ops
Web services
Machine learning
Blockchain – crypto

Le Solutionneur is an efficient scheduling and timetabling program that has been developed for Québec schools.

Our projects

Le Solutionneur automatically generates timetables for students and staff taking into account all the specificities of Québec high school and related scheduling constraints. It is made available to all the secondary schools of the province.

Financing your R&D projects

One of CRIM's strengths is its eligibility for a range of research and innovation funding programs that allow its clients and partners to optimize ROI on their R&D investments. CRIM is well acquainted with many of these programs and can support you in preparing and submitting an application.

List of programs and organizations

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program
  • Innovation Program (MEI)
  • Sectoral Industrial Research Clusters (RSRI): CRIAQ, InnovÉÉ, PROMPT
  • Canadian Media Fund (CMF)

Our team can help you at every stage of your project

Applied Research
Proof of Concept

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