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Technological and
scientific support
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Medium to long term

Making AI work for you

Many companies want to integrate artificial intelligence or data science into their business solutions. As a partner in this endeavour, CRIM stands out by its ability to make these technologies useable and efficient in a real-life industrial context.

Our business vision is based on:

  • Collaborative work
  • An agile approach where the client is a stakeholder in the project, every step of the way.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Concrete, high value-added solutions

CRIM and major technological trends

Always at the heart of major technological trends, CRIM can intervene on issues related to:

Cloud computin
Edge computing
Robotics - Drones
Internet of Things
Industry 4.0
Big Data
DevOps – AI/ML Ops
Web services
Machine learning
Blockchain – crypto

An exceptional tool for Canadian leaders!

Our projects is a unique portal that brings together useful, current and predictive climate information in a user-friendly and effective way, enabling policy and decision makers to make informed decisions across the country.

Financing your R&D projects

One of CRIM's strengths is its eligibility for a range of research and innovation funding programs that allow its clients and partners to optimize ROI on their R&D investments. CRIM is well acquainted with many of these programs and can support you in preparing and submitting an application.

List of programs and organizations

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program
  • Innovation Program (MEI)
  • Sectoral Industrial Research Clusters (RSRI): CRIAQ, InnovÉÉ, PROMPT
  • Canadian Media Fund (CMF)

Our team can help you at every stage of your project

Applied Research
Proof of Concept

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