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Benefit from the latest scientific knowledge and the know-how derived from practical experience to bring your technological innovation projects to life.

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Are you looking for innovation through cutting-edge technologies but need a partner to structure your project and reduce the uncertainties associated with change?

The solutions currently available on the market don’t meet your criteria?

CRIM has a team of experts and researchers ready to help you achieve your goals.

Areas of Excellence


Data science is a field of study that combines several domains of expertise, including statistics, scientific methods, data analysis, and data valuation. CRIM experts can work with all types of data.

CRIM experts excel in machine learning and deep learning, among other domains. All industries and organizations can benefit from artificial intelligence to increase competitiveness and productivity.

Software architecture is designed to make a system’s development, evolution, deployment, and maintenance easier, minimizing time and cost and maximizing the productivity of information technology teams.

CRIM services are tailored to your business

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Short-term intervention to explore possibilities and answer your questions

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Experimental Development

Short-medium-term intervention focused on creating a specific technological response

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Applied Research

Medium-long-term intervention to provide answers to complex and large-scale issues


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