Personalized interventions with experts

CRIM offers personalized short-term interventions adapted to your needs to respond quickly to your business challenges. A simple and effective process allows you to meet CRIM experts and obtain information and possible solutions for your scientific and technological problems. In addition to potential solutions, discussions with CRIM experts allow the transfer of knowledge to the company.

Discover CRIM's different support programs

Interactive tours and strategic interventions

At CRIM, interactive visits (IV) and strategic interventions (SI) are low-cost scientific and technological support for SMEs and start-ups, in collaboration with the Industrial Research Assistance Program (PARI ) of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)..

IVs are targeted short-term interventions that can take several forms (investigation of the problem, literature review, proposed solution, advice) that are 100% funded by NRC-IRAP (subject to prior approval).

SIs are the continuation of the VI and are funded at 50% of the project budget.

The duration of the interventions does not allow any prototyping or development of new concepts, but can serve as a first step towards the realization of an R&D project with CRIM or another organization.

Technological and scientific support

CRIM offers personalized interventions through a bank of hours. Adapted to your needs, the Technological and Scientific Support Service aims to respond quickly to multiple and complex challenges.

A simple and effective process puts you in touch with CRIM experts who can offer information and possible solutions related to your IT issues.

In addition to possible solutions, discussions with CRIM experts allow the transfer of knowledge to the company.


The NUMERIA program is aimed at Quebec SMEs wishing to implement a proprietary data recovery strategy to carry out their first artificial intelligence project for gains in competitiveness and productivity.

Many questions and received ideas remain in the field of AI. There are challenges related to data, financial resources and the skills needed to bring your AI project to life in your company.

This three-step process is accessible, effective, and adapted to the reality of SMEs. It allows you to integrate a structured path toward realizing your first project in artificial intelligence.

Our turnkey program—simple as 1, 2, 3

for companies ready to make their more toward AI

to your questions

of your competences

of your data

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