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Can AI help you create a custom logo?


NovAxis Solutions offers software-services to companies, including ‘FreeLogoDesign’ for logo design. The company, based in Quebec City, called on CRIM’s experts to improve the performance of this software by integrating AI.

FreeLogoDesign allows anyone to create a logo based on a few parameters. NovAxis wanted to make the logo creation process faster, more efficient and more user-friendly, in order to simplify the task for users and increase the number of clients who complete the process and purchase the generated logo.

The objective of NovAxis Solutions: to develop an AI tool integrated to its software that would facilitate logo creation for each client by offering a more complete first draft, as well as ideas and advice based on previous users’ choices.

Using Data Science to Improve User Experience

FreeLogoDesign produces a large amount of data: steps taken by each user, colors chosen, most popular icons, final logos, customers’ industries, etc.

CRIM’s experts helped clarify the project’s structure and create an analytical database that could be used to design an AI-based predictive model.

This short-term technological support, made possible through the NRC-IRAP Interactive Visits program, helped define the strategy to be deployed to build a high value-added project for the company and its clients. Thanks to CRIM’s expertise, NovAxis Solutions is better equipped to undertake this important project!

CRIM helped us envision a realistic project, better organize and understand our data and determine what we could get out of it.
– Johanne Devin, NovAxis Solutions CEO


NovAxis Solutions




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