Data science in support of Ag Tech!

In 2018, CRIM’s vision and imaging and data science experts worked with SMB Logiag to explore methods to improve the soil analysis tool developed by this Quebec-based company specializing in the application of technologies to the agricultural sector. This innovative tool, marketed by Logiag under the LaserAg trademark, uses laser-induced plasma spectroscopy to allow the […]

Can AI help you create a custom logo?

Project NovAxis Solutions offers software-services to companies, including ‘FreeLogoDesign’ for logo design. The company, based in Quebec City, called on CRIM’s experts to improve the performance of this software by integrating AI. FreeLogoDesign allows anyone to create a logo based on a few parameters. NovAxis wanted to make the logo creation process faster, more efficient […]

UEAT and CRIM develop a dish recommendation system using AI

Thanks to a partnership with CRIM, UEAT developed a meal recommendation system using artificial intelligence. This is an added value for customers and restaurateurs alike, since the system offers the former more targeted recommendations and the latter an optimization of their menus. UEAT creates and markets intelligent and innovative ordering solutions for restaurants. The goal […]

Predictive engine for self-completion of intelligent timesheets

Context Blue Memento is not a project like any other: far from being a seed idea, it is already a viable prototype. However, Done Technologies wanted to call on CRIM to further develop the possibilities of its predictive engine for the self-completion of intelligent timesheets. The expertise of data scientists was thus solicited to prioritize […]

CRIM’s expertise at the service of Montreal firefighters!

CRIM has been working with the City of Montréal for several years now, as part of the Stratégie montréalaise, ville intelligente et numérique 2014-2017, to help it improve its practices and many of its computer and technology systems. One of the mandates of CRIM in 2017 was the design of prediction tools for the Service de sécurité incendie […]

Assess the market value of real estate properties using AI

Imagine: a market value assessment report on any property in Québec, automatically generated in a few moments! Project JLR, a land solutions company, sought CRIM’s help to optimize the operation of its property value analysis software, called Évia. This platform allows real estate brokers or individuals to obtain a market value assessment report on the […]

Personalized product recommendations for clients of L’Oréal Canada

In the fall of 2017, CRIM completed a research and development partnership with L’Oréal Canada. The project consisted of designing tools to facilitate custom product recommendations for L’Oréal Canada’s clients. The algorithms developed use collaborative filtering, a form of machine learning, to develop recommendation systems. Project CRIM developed the basic algorithm and created a tool […]