Sotware Architecture

The importance of software architecture

Software architecture describes how all the different elements of an application will be arranged and how they interact with each other. This is a critical stage of software development because it determines a solution’s stability, efficiency, and durability. Applications developed without an in-depth study may experience weaknesses and lose customers.

In absolute terms, there is no good or bad architecture, but a given architecture is often not adapted to a particular project’s context. Software architecture balances the application’s technical, operational, and functional requirements. This is where CRIM’s experts come in with their know-how. Furthermore, CRIM has a dedicated software development team involved in various projects to ensure you get the best results.

Software architecture essentials






Aspects to consider

First and foremost, it is necessary to assess the software’s needs and functional and non-functional constraints by considering the different types of users, means of accessing the software, expected performance, security, hosting, operating systems, technologies, resilience, etc.

Contribution to scientific advancement

Software architecture changes depending on the company and its intended use.

  • Does the software need to respond quickly?
  • How much data does it need to process?
  • Should the data be centralized or distributed?
  • How should users access the application from a network perspective?
  • On what type of device?
  • In what language, and with what kind of keyboard?
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