Making audiovisual content accessible to all

In terms of the sustainable development of its research, CRIM is actively involved in the personalized transfer of its technologies and know-how to microenterprises. In 2017, the elokutio service was born from a collaboration between CRIM and entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of new opportunities in the field of audio description. Audio description, also known as video description, is the process of making audiovisual content accessible to the blind and visually impaired through a narration — inserted between the dialogue — that describes the content’s key elements.

elokutio is a synchronous audio-description service derived from CRIM technology. It enables optimization of the writing of scripts and the production of audio tracks. elokutio is offered by the service provider TechnoLeads, a Canadian company established in 2005 that operates in three media sectors: audiovisual, video games and animation. TechnoLeads spotted a favourable alignment between the technology and know-how CRIM had been developing in the field of video description since 2013 and an emerging demand in the audiovisual market.

Thanks to CRIM, TechnoLeads has had access to world-class expertise to develop its elokutio audio description service. The company has benefited from a complete technology transfer, including the product, the methods and the know-how. elokutio enables video description writers to complete their projects 30%-50% faster, which could enable TechnoLeads to capture 15% of the Canadian domestic market and 5%-7% of the international market.





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