CLIMATEDATA.CA applied to transportation

Over the past few weeks, we presented the impact of climate change on three sectors – health, agriculture, and buildings – and demonstrated the relevance of For this fourth and final feature, we look at the transportation sector. Transports bear a heavy weight in the climate department. Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in this sector […]

CLIMATEDATA.CA applied to Buildings

Building Code Challenges and Natural Disasters Citizens and farmers are not the only ones concerned with climate change, construction professionals are as well. They worry about the vulnerability of infrastructure in the face of a changing climate.   Tornado in Lachute, Summer of 2017. Credit: La Presse According to a report [1] by Ouranos on […]

CLIMATEDATA.CA applied to agriculture

The impact of climate change on agriculture According to a study on the state of Canadian agriculture, 84% of people surveyed believe climate variability has a significant impact on their operations. Of the climate factors that affect agricultural operations, extreme and unpredictable weather is the most cited. Source: Ag Working Group – Outreach Survey Results […]

CLIMATEDATA.CA applied to healthcare

The impact of climate change on our health As many as 85% of Quebecers are concerned about climate change, according to a Leger poll released at the end of 2020. Climate change is having an impact on health and may hinder provincial strategies dedicated to improve quality of life: With climate events such as extreme […]