Customer satisfaction survey tool

Satisfa used CRIM’s expertise to develop its customer satisfaction survey tool. Because the company had no programming or mobile-web resources, CRIM played a crucial role in the technological development of the tool and the recruitment of programmers. CRIM has participated actively and sustainably in the execution and supervision of the project, offering the company the […]

Predictive engine for self-completion of intelligent timesheets

Context Blue Memento is not a project like any other: far from being a seed idea, it is already a viable prototype. However, Done Technologies wanted to call on CRIM to further develop the possibilities of its predictive engine for the self-completion of intelligent timesheets. The expertise of data scientists was thus solicited to prioritize […]

MediaSigma – Platform for Media Placement and Dynamic Advertising

By developing the MediaSigma platform, Dialekta created a new way to buy media by focusing on programmatic solutions. With the rise of internet and social media marketing, the way advertising space is sold and managed is changing dramatically. Cyril Chaib, president and founder of the firm Dialekta, recently launched the MediaSigma product, which automates the […]