Survey using a conversational agent

This project aims to make customer surveys and polls more effective by integrating conversational agents (chatbots). Our experts in Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP) are working on the creation of a tool to automatically detect the feeling expressed and the characteristics of the products in the responses of the people surveyed in order to be […]

Conversational robot for the Real Estate Industry

Project Marketing Third Wunder, a digital marketing agency, collaborates with several real estate organizations that are looking for innovative ways to connect with their customers. In this context, Marketing Third Wunder is considering the idea of creating a conversational robot (chatbot) to generate more personalized interactions. The agency called on CRIM’s speech and text experts […]

Adapting speech technology to Indigenous languages in Canada

In collaboration with the NRC, CRIM is developing audio indexing and speaker recognition tools adapted to Indigenous languages. Context Through a long-term collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), CRIM is working on the application of audio indexing and speaker recognition technologies to Indigenous languages. The team will work in collaboration with Indigenous community-based […]