Facilitate access to digital resources for educators

In order to offer an efficient and user-friendly tool at the cutting edge of technology, Classo called on CRIM’s expertise to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to optimize the functionality of its platform, a version of which is already available online. CRIM’s data science experts provided an analysis of the most […]

UEAT and CRIM develop a dish recommendation system using AI

Thanks to a partnership with CRIM, UEAT developed a meal recommendation system using artificial intelligence. This is an added value for customers and restaurateurs alike, since the system offers the former more targeted recommendations and the latter an optimization of their menus. UEAT creates and markets intelligent and innovative ordering solutions for restaurants. The goal […]

Personalized product recommendations for clients of L’Oréal Canada

In the fall of 2017, CRIM completed a research and development partnership with L’Oréal Canada. The project consisted of designing tools to facilitate custom product recommendations for L’Oréal Canada’s clients. The algorithms developed use collaborative filtering, a form of machine learning, to develop recommendation systems. Project CRIM developed the basic algorithm and created a tool […]