Preparing for a digital transition at Croesus

Croesus called on CRIM to help them select the database management system (DBMS) that best suited their needs and plan its implementation. CRIM enabled the company to make this important transition without significant disruption to the firm’s operations. CRIM’s transparent and unbiased approach also appealed to Croesus, as the company is a strong believer in […]

Customer satisfaction survey tool

Satisfa used CRIM’s expertise to develop its customer satisfaction survey tool. Because the company had no programming or mobile-web resources, CRIM played a crucial role in the technological development of the tool and the recruitment of programmers. CRIM has participated actively and sustainably in the execution and supervision of the project, offering the company the […]

CRIM’s expertise at the service of Montreal firefighters!

CRIM has been working with the City of Montréal for several years now, as part of the Stratégie montréalaise, ville intelligente et numérique 2014-2017, to help it improve its practices and many of its computer and technology systems. One of the mandates of CRIM in 2017 was the design of prediction tools for the Service de sécurité incendie […]