Survey using a conversational agent

This project aims to make customer surveys and polls more effective by integrating conversational agents (chatbots). Our experts in Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP) are working on the creation of a tool to automatically detect the feeling expressed and the characteristics of the products in the responses of the people surveyed in order to be […]

Personalized product recommendations for clients of L’Oréal Canada

In the fall of 2017, CRIM completed a research and development partnership with L’Oréal Canada. The project consisted of designing tools to facilitate custom product recommendations for L’Oréal Canada’s clients. The algorithms developed use collaborative filtering, a form of machine learning, to develop recommendation systems. Project CRIM developed the basic algorithm and created a tool […]

MediaSigma – Platform for Media Placement and Dynamic Advertising

By developing the MediaSigma platform, Dialekta created a new way to buy media by focusing on programmatic solutions. With the rise of internet and social media marketing, the way advertising space is sold and managed is changing dramatically. Cyril Chaib, president and founder of the firm Dialekta, recently launched the MediaSigma product, which automates the […]