• Computer Research Institute of Montréal

    Computer Research Institute of Montréal

    One of the foremost IT applied research centres in Canada.

  • Advanced data analytics

    Advanced data analytics

    This refers to the areas of video processing and analysis, imagery, audio, text, semantics and natural language processing.

  • Human-system interaction and interface

    Human-system interaction and interface

    This refers to the areas of voice, movement, emotions, augmented reality and the user activity-related aspects.

  • Software science and technology

    Software science and technology

    This refers to the areas of architectural approaches in client/cloud computing/mobile technologies, their test modeling and automation, code generation, inference modeling, development and test methodologies.


CRIM is an Information Technology Applied Research Centre focusing on innovation and collaborative development. Our expertise are grouped into three principal axis:
How to authenticate someone by speech
Understanding model-based testing
La double mission du CRIM expliquée
CRIM'S Applied R&D


As a member of CRIM, you will benefit from one of the largest networks of IT companies in Québec. Join them and take advantage of the many benefits offered by CRIM.


Recent news

  • Orange Traffic: at the intersection of innovation and enthusiasm
    Orange Traffic: at the intersection of innovation and enthusiasm

    “We approach research and development through experimentation,” asserts Patrick Lauzière, Vice President of Technology and Development for Orange Traffic. “We give our clients the chance to tell us what they are dreaming of...


Upcoming event

  • Gala des OCTAS 2017
    25 May 2017 17:00
    Centre des congrès de Québec
    Le Réseau ACTION TI est fier d'organiser avec l'aide de ses commanditaires, le Concours des OCTAS. La soirée culminante du Concours, le Gala des Octas, se tiendra le 25 mai 2017 au Centre des Congrès de Québec (Ville de Québec).
  • Health-i-Coach 2017
    26 May 2017 0:00
    Barcelone, Espagne
    Health-i-Coach Intelligent Technologies for Coaching in Health Within the ACM 11th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth 2017) May 23-26, 2017, Barcelona (Spain)
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