- An exceptional tool for Canadian leaders! - An exceptional tool for Canadian leaders!

Published August 15, 2019 is a unique portal that brings together useful, current and predictive climate information in a user-friendly and effective way, enabling policy and decision makers to make informed decisions across the country.

Global warming is a major issue and we know that Canada's climate will continue to warm due to the increase in global greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a warming of all seasons. It is essential that decision makers be able to understand the foreseeable impact of climate change on the facilities or territories under their responsibility across Canada. was supported by Environment and Climate Change Canada and developed by CRIM, in collaboration with several partners: Ouranos, the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC), the Prairie Climate Centre (PAC) and HabitatSeven with support from the Canadian Centre for Climate Services.

Read the the news release:

Canada launches new climate data portal to give Canadians reliable tools to adapt to climate change

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