Data science in support of Ag Tech!

In 2018, CRIM’s vision and imaging and data science experts worked with SMB Logiag to explore methods to improve the soil analysis tool developed by this Quebec-based company specializing in the application of technologies to the agricultural sector. This innovative tool, marketed by Logiag under the LaserAg trademark, uses laser-induced plasma spectroscopy to allow the […]

Making audiovisual content accessible to all

Context In terms of the sustainable development of its research, CRIM is actively involved in the personalized transfer of its technologies and know-how to microenterprises. In 2017, the elokutio service was born from a collaboration between CRIM and entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of new opportunities in the field of audio description. Audio description, also […]

Transition to cloud computing for Genius Solutions

Genius Solutions, a division of Cogismaq International, has developed a complete software solution for improving processes in the manufacturing sector. Their system is now used throughout North America. The company began a major technological migration project, with the goal of moving from a monolithic application to a modular architecture built on cloud computing. The company […]

Facilitate access to digital resources for educators

In order to offer an efficient and user-friendly tool at the cutting edge of technology, Classo called on CRIM’s expertise to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to optimize the functionality of its platform, a version of which is already available online. CRIM’s data science experts provided an analysis of the most […]

Preparing for a digital transition at Croesus

Croesus called on CRIM to help them select the database management system (DBMS) that best suited their needs and plan its implementation. CRIM enabled the company to make this important transition without significant disruption to the firm’s operations. CRIM’s transparent and unbiased approach also appealed to Croesus, as the company is a strong believer in […]

Mining project impact prediction tool

DT Solutions works in risk management using data analysis solutions. The company sought CRIM’s expertise in artificial intelligence and data science to obtain advice on some of its products, in particular the design of a prediction tool to assess the profitability and environmental impact of underground mining sites in order to support mining engineering teams […]

Open Geospatial Consortium – Global Earth Observation Collaboration

For several years, CRIM has contributed to the activities of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) innovation program, in collaboration with prestigious organizations such as Ouranos (Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change), Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ), NASA and the European Space Agency. Development of new geospatial […]

Survey using a conversational agent

This project aims to make customer surveys and polls more effective by integrating conversational agents (chatbots). Our experts in Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP) are working on the creation of a tool to automatically detect the feeling expressed and the characteristics of the products in the responses of the people surveyed in order to be […]

Can AI help you create a custom logo?

Project NovAxis Solutions offers software-services to companies, including ‘FreeLogoDesign’ for logo design. The company, based in Quebec City, called on CRIM’s experts to improve the performance of this software by integrating AI. FreeLogoDesign allows anyone to create a logo based on a few parameters. NovAxis wanted to make the logo creation process faster, more efficient […]

Satellite mapping and monitoring of shoals

Context Canada is in great need of new and up-to-date bathymetric charts, but it is very expensive to go on site to take the required measurements. Why not try to see if existing satellite data can tell us if there are changes in bathymetry along Canada’s coasts? Project The science of bathymetry is used to […]